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Knights Cross with Oak Leaves

The “Holy Grail”! This is the one award every collector aspires to have and is perhaps the most desired of all! The Knights Cross is constructed out of a die struck, three-piece construction. The two piece “800” silver based (frosted and polished) frames are fitted over the single piece iron based and black painted core that are all soldered together. The obverse features a larger pattée style cross with a centrally placed embossed mobile swastika and an embossed “1939” (Hitler’s re-institution date) to the lower arm, which is all on a black base that is surrounded by a silver ribbed/beaded row and a flat outlying border. The reverse displays an embossed “1813” (the original institution date) to the lower arm on a black base and is surrounded by that same silver ribbed/beaded row and a flat outlying border. The reverse-top of the frame is marked “800” (silver content designation) and “L/12” (LDO number attributed to: C. E. Juncker of Berlin). The frame shows wonderful age patina and the black matte finished paint looks wonderful being 98%+ intact! The reason this particular Juncker Knights Cross stands apart from others is that the dies for these were destroyed during an Allied air raid on Berlin late in the war. This means that all of these crosses were produced during the war. A sure guarantee that this cross was awarded and given to a Knights Cross winner! To the very top of the Knights Cross is an integral ring (Öse) which holds the Oak Leaves and ribbon! The Oak Leaves (first type) are constructed out of a die struck “900” silver that has been polished and whitened. The obverse features a three piece pebbled oak leaf cluster. The reverse features a smooth full back with a soldered on silver wire, that has rounded ends. It is also stamped “900” to the left side and “SiLBER” above a boxed “L/50” (LDO number attributed to: Gebrüder Godet & Co., Berlin). The wire has minor scratches. It shows beautiful aging and patina throughout. The L/50 Oak Leaves are far rarer than the 900 21’s. Held through the silver wire is the appropriate ribbon. The ribbed ribbon is constructed out of machine embroidered red, white and black rayon. The two ends are stitched, with red stitching, to a point and hold two smaller ties. It measures 20 inches long and the two ties are each 10 inches long. The ribbon is in excellent condition! For more information see pages 82-85 (Knights Cross) and 246-250 (Oak Leaves) of Dietrich Maerz’s reference “The Knights Cross of the Iron Cross”. Beautiful!

Rating:    Exc++
Item Number:    M-14340
Price:    $28,500.00 USD

Knights Cross with Oak Leaves Knights Cross with Oak Leaves Knights Cross with Oak Leaves Knights Cross with Oak Leaves Knights Cross with Oak Leaves Knights Cross with Oak Leaves

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