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Army Dagger by Alcoso

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A fine example of a matching Alcoso! The blade on this one has a few spots and the tip is ever so slightly dulled. The fit is nice and tight and the crossgrain looks great! The blade rates a solid Exc+. The thick brown leather buffer pad remains intact. The steel based, nickel-silver plated scabbard is a typical early E. Pack scabbard. It provides nice detail with random pebbling throughout and hand enhanced oak leaf and acorn bands! It continues to remain completely dent free. The throat retaining screws are untouched. The alloy based, nickel silver plated Alcoso eagle crossguard provides beautiful details throughout the eagle's head, wings, wreath, beak and chest. There is some [plating loss the worse being to the reverse. The pommel and ferrule are also beautifully detailed with hand enhancing and proud oak leaves and acorns. The crossguard, scabbard and pommel are match in color and dark patina. The deep orange, trylon grip on this one is near perfect! No chips but I do find 2 1/2" hairlines at the bottom. A fine unmarked Alcoso Army Dagger!

Rating:    Exc+
Item Number:    AR-17768

Army Dagger by Alcoso Army Dagger by Alcoso Army Dagger by Alcoso Army Dagger by Alcoso Army Dagger by Alcoso Army Dagger by Alcoso

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