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Japanese Short Shin-Gunto

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japanese wakizashi sword bizen koku jyu osa 備前國住長 signed with WW2 gunto koshirae and shirasaya. This antique wakizashi was transplant to WW2 gunto koshirae. It's not a government issue. Perhaps it was a private property of an officer. Blade is overall in good condition with normal signs of wear,scratches,scars,rust and stain,guaranteed against hagire. May have been a pilot/tanker shin-gunto here. Really interesting for those of you who find variations of interest. This measures 470mm as compared to the std length, (975mm). The thought being these could better fit into the tight quarters of a cockpit. This one has an Exc+ handmade blade with a nice prominent temper line. The tang is well marked. This is an older used blade that’s been remounted as was encouraged late war. Blade is seated through an closed tsuba/seppa set. The tang is secured with a bamboo peg. The military type hilt is typical officer quality. It is constructed of a wood base, covered in ray skin with the traditional menuki depicting 3 brass cherry blossoms and all wrapped in a brown cloth tape with a twist. The kabuto-gane, (pommel) is copper/brass with separately applied copper cherry blossom and leaf designs. The scabbard is wood based with a leather combat cover and a brass ashi in place for carrying. This is a perfect sword for someone who appreciates an old blade. Included is the import papers from Japan.

Rating:    Exc+/Exc++
Item Number:    SW-19166

Japanese Short Shin-Gunto Japanese Short Shin-Gunto Japanese Short Shin-Gunto Japanese Short Shin-Gunto Japanese Short Shin-Gunto Japanese Short Shin-Gunto

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