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K98 Bayonet by Hörster 1942

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The K98 Bayonet was designed for the German Wehrmacht standard service Karabiner 98 kurz (7.92 x 57mm Mauser cartridge) bolt-action rifle (1935). The single edged, single fullered, blued blade on this one look fine. The blued panels continue to have a nice finish. The tip comes to a sharp point and the fit is nice and tight. It is clearly dated, maker marked and serialized “42 aws 42” (1942 – E. & F. Hörster, Solingen) and “9070 a”. The blade rates an Exc++. It shows the commonly seen runner marks and surface scratches throughout. The steel based, black painted scabbard looks fine. It is serialized not matching the blade. Some of the paint remain intact underneath the frog/. The scabbard sits securely up against the hilt. The hilt looks great. The brown bakelite grip plates are in great condition! They show the common pressure marks but no chips, cracks or splits! The button continues to work well. Looks as though the exterior of this piece has been cleaned, as there are scratches throughout. This piece is profusely inspection stamped as one would expect. This one comes with a frog that is in great condition! The frog is maker marked though illegible.

Rating:    Exc+
Item Number:    K98-20059

K98 Bayonet by Hörster 1942 K98 Bayonet by Hörster 1942 K98 Bayonet by Hörster 1942 K98 Bayonet by Hörster 1942 K98 Bayonet by Hörster 1942 K98 Bayonet by Hörster 1942

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