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Eickhorn Prison Offical Sword

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Absolutely stunning pattern sword and IMHO the best pattern sword made by Eickhorn in the period. Just imagine for one second what this sword has seen and the fear surrounding it. These Prison Officials held the power of life and death every day. This pattern Prison sword may well be the evilest looking pattern of all Third Reich swords. Cast of gilded aluminum, lots of time and care went into these. The plated blade rates NM being bright and clean right to the tip with no plating loss, gray or anything else to make excuses about. This blade is marked with the stamped mid-period Eickhorn maker mark. Sorry it's near impossible to photograph up and under there but trust me, it's there. This pattern is illustrated in Angolia's reference. The correct black glossy enamel painted dent-free scabbard has evidence of use scratches, wear and some age crazing. It has original paint is better than 98%. Wonderfully evil head design!!! The "P" guard has deeply detailed feather pattern similar to that of the back-strap continuing down from the bird head. The obverse languet features a raised-out long-winged Casburg, (Eickhorn's Artist)designed political-style eagle. There is wear to the high areas the most being to the reverse "eyebrow" were this would have rubbed in the period. The grip is black celluloid and is in perfect shape without chips or cracks. It is wrapped with triple aluminum wire. Finally this comes with the ulta rare correct Prison Official portepee. I've paid $1k for these alone myself when I collected these!

Rating:    Exc++
Item Number:    SW-20216

Eickhorn Prison Offical Sword Eickhorn Prison Offical Sword Eickhorn Prison Offical Sword Eickhorn Prison Offical Sword Eickhorn Prison Offical Sword Eickhorn Prison Offical Sword

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