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Minty – Army Honor Roll Clasp

A Minty Cased Ehrenblatt des deutschen Heeres. Instituted January 30th 1944, The Army Honor Roll Clasp was awarded to members of the German Army and the Waffen-SS who had won the 2nd and 1st Class Iron Cross and who “Once again distinguished himself in combat.”. It was awarded sparingly to retain a high level of prestige and honor. It is constructed out of a die stamped tombak base that has been gold gilded. The obverse features a stagnant swastika surrounded by an oak leaf wreath and has a bow tie to the bottom. The hollow back reverse retains all four soldered on round wire tombak prongs that attach it to an 11 ¼ inch long red, white and black rayon ribbon. There are two pin pricks to the ribbon and the obverse show sunlight exposure. The award displays nice crisp detail. It measures approximately 1 inch in diameter. The ribbon shows one soilage spot. The award comes housed in its appropriate issue case. The case is constructed out of a wood and pressed cardboard base that is covered in a simulated grained black leather (Lederimitat). The interior-bottom insert of the case is constructed out of a cardboard base covered in an off white fibrous felt material Obverse and lacquered paper backing. The padded interior-top portion of the case is covered in a worn off-white fibrous felt material. The exterior leather hinge is torn. Minor wear to the corners. The case measures approximately 2 5/8 inches wide by 4 inches deep and 7/8 inch thick. Stunning!

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Item Number:    M-20557
Price:    $3,999.95 USD

Minty – Army Honor Roll Clasp Minty – Army Honor Roll Clasp Minty – Army Honor Roll Clasp Minty – Army Honor Roll Clasp Minty – Army Honor Roll Clasp Minty – Army Honor Roll Clasp

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