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Early SS by Boker

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A decent example here at an affordable price. The blade on this one has age and grey with some evidence it's been cleaned. The textbook acid etched "Meine Ehere Heisst Treue" blackened motto reflects the specific attributes of Boker. The "Boker Solingen" maker mark is correctly placed and beautifully executed. The etching on both sides match in depth and color. The tip is perfect, as is the fit! The blade rates Exc. The black anodized scabbard looks good. It has some spotting and oxidation. If I turn the surface in the sun I can see evidence of old pitting. There are no dents and the ball is perfect. Both solid nickel scabbard fittings look great. They nicely match the crossguards. The ball retains a nice round shape. All four screws remain intact. The scabbard / crossguard fit is perfect and closes with a snap! The solid nickel crossguards look great! The reverse of the lower crossguard is marked "I" (Munich). The dyed hardwood grip is in good shape. It has some small hits from normal wear and a minute hairline up from the lower crossguard. Again I'm being very fussy here. This has those beauty Boker fits we all love to see! The solid nickel eagle has a perfect fit and retains beautiful details! The SS runes are one of two accepted variants and retain 100% of their enamel with a perfect fit. A nicely aged example at a fair price!

Rating:    Exc/Exc+
Item Number:    SS-21049

Early SS by Boker Early SS by Boker Early SS by Boker Early SS by Boker Early SS by Boker Early SS by Boker

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