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RLB 2nd Model Leader Dagger

Some wonderful features on this piece! The bright blade on this one is nice. There are runner marks and traces of some pitting to the center lower. Traces of crossgrain remaining. The tip comes to a sharp point and the fit is just perfect! The blade rates an Exc+. There are a few scuffs. The original dark blue pebbled buffer pad remains intact. The steel based, dent-free, dark blue pebbled leather covered scabbard is in excellent condition! It has the odd scuff and retains 99% coverage. The three scabbard fitting have nicely patinaed with time and match the hilt fittings quite nicely. All five screws remain intact and unturned. The tombac based hilt remains in wonderful condition with some areas worn to the tombac base particularly where this would have rubbed in normal period wear. The RLB eagle crossguard is a nice feature with nice looking detail! The blue pebbled leather grip retains 100% coverage! Very nice! It has the properly pinned swastika. The swastika's enamel is 90% intact with normal chipping. The enamel on these were very thin and it is extremely hard to find a perfect one. The sunburst shows period wear and no silver wash remains it is worn down to the tombac base. This whole piece is in great shape with honest wear!

Rating:    Exc+/Exc++
Item Number:    RLB-21106
Price:    $1,899.95 USD

RLB 2nd Model Leader Dagger RLB 2nd Model Leader Dagger RLB 2nd Model Leader Dagger RLB 2nd Model Leader Dagger RLB 2nd Model Leader Dagger RLB 2nd Model Leader Dagger

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