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U-Boat Badge by F. Orth

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Since Gottlieb has already written a description I’ll use it:
“A somewhat salty example of a mid to late war U-Boat badge. This is a textbook badge by Friedrich Orth, and retains a large percentage of its original gilt finish. This is a very typical wartime badge as awarded to the men of the U-boat arm of the Kriegsmarine. The badge was made by Friedrich Orth, and is marked on the reverse with the 'f.o.' logo. Many Orth badges have horizontal pins, but this has the vertical type. Interestingly, there is an 'o' pressed in for the attachment of a the horizontal catch if needed, and, although it can‘t be seen, there is another '0' under the catch at the bottom. in this way the pin and catch could be quickly set up at the factory in whichever way desired. The badge has fine details for a zinc or Kriegsmetall example, with a well defined eagle, leaves, and U—boat with a cut out deck gun and flag. The swastika arms are not cut out, as is usual with Orth. The gilt wash on the obverse is at a strong 80% or better, which is nice to find, as most of the zinc examples have lost all of the gilt. This was an indirect vet purchase from the early T9905, and had remained in a box without being handled since just after the war. l have no doubt that the badge, when worn by the U-boat sailor, looked pretty much exactly as it does today. Not mint but great personality.” IMO the finish has been re-done

Rating:    Exc+
Item Number:    M-21188

U-Boat Badge by F. Orth U-Boat Badge by F. Orth U-Boat Badge by F. Orth U-Boat Badge by F. Orth U-Boat Badge by F. Orth U-Boat Badge by F. Orth

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