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Imperial WKC Navy Sword

So here's a decent example from the Vet's family you can afford! This one has a fine triple etched blade, with light wear and evidence it's been cleaned, I only say that because the etch is lightened quite a bit. There has been no sharpening and I'll rate it conservatively Exc. The blade is stamped with the early Imperial era WKC logo. The elaborate leather scabbard is in pretty good shape. The leather shows wear and scuffs. I replaced the stapes on this and mover the upper fitting a few inches north as the leather has shrunk. It has honest period wear. The three gilt steel fittings are correctly secured with staples and adorned with intricate engraved wave patterns. The grip celluloid has cracks and rubs with the original brass wire wrap tightly secured. The entire hilt is plated steel and hand chased with great care. The insignia to the front of the "fold in" hand guard has has the insignia ground off. Why? Likely removed during the, "mourning period" after the signing of the Treaty of Versailles. The reverse folding guard locks correctly into the upper scabbard fitting. The ferrule has fine detailed acorns and oak leaves. The tang has been expertly hidden with hand work disguising it into the lion's mane.

Rating:    Exc
Item Number:    SW-22521
Price:    $679.95 USD

Imperial WKC Navy Sword Imperial WKC Navy Sword Imperial WKC Navy Sword Imperial WKC Navy Sword Imperial WKC Navy Sword Imperial WKC Navy Sword

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