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Cut-down 55

Ok, this is one for the advanced collector! It is a great example that hardly ever shows up and most guys know little to nothing about these. These are rare, I get one every few years. They were only produced for a few short months before production switched to the pure 1st model Luft. Wittmann speaks to this dagger specifically in chapter 3 of his Luftwaffe reference. The blade on this one has been cut-down from it's original 55cm to it's current 32cm size as most of these were. It has lots of age and pitting. I know it's hard to see but this this is like 3/4 the width of a normal 1st luft. Actually it's all special made. The correct sideways maker mark is correctly sideways stamped. The blade rates VG/Exc. The leather buffer pad is lost to time. The slender, elegant, cardboard based, leather covered scabbard looks excellent not all misaligned like so many! The leather coverage is better than 99%. It only has a few pressure marks. The scalloped solid nickel scabbard fittings look great and have nicely toned with age matching the hilt fittings in color and wear. Now take a look at the staples that secure the scabbard fittings. It is textbook and exactly what one expects on these things. The solid nickel chain has 13 lower ringlets and 8 upper ringlets that end at an alloy DRGM marked clip! Take a second and look at the "S" clips securing the chain to the scabbard rings. Early early production! Actually I'm looking at this chain and I think it may be brass or at least a high copper content as it's darker than most nickel. The early solid nickel crossguard looks great with the separately inserted brass swastikas. The pommel is the typical DLV style with the early inserted brass swas's. Can you imagine the work involved to insert these things before the days of digital equipment we have today? The guys in this factorys' must have been toolmakers to get this kind of fit! Regardless, just another reason these things were quickly abandon for the 1st model luft. Peek at the top of the pommel, see how the tang penetrates it? Exactly what you want to see. The wood based, leather covered grip looks great. it retains 99% coverage and has the same tone and color as the scabbard. The double twisted wire wrap remains tightly secured. A great transitional piece that is a tough find!

Rating:    Exc/Exc+
Item Number:    DLV-25402
Price:    $4,499.95 USD

Cut-down 55 Cut-down 55 Cut-down 55 Cut-down 55 Cut-down 55 Cut-down 55

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