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Land Customs Dagger by Emil Voos

Always love when I get my own pieces back! Well guys I rescued this one from a sad place. When I got it the leather was all dried up and only about 50% was intact. After looking at the handwork on it I decided it was worth the time and expense of sending it to a professional restorer. The Emil Voos marked polished blade is in nice shape with no grey or age but does appear to have been cleaned. Rates Exc++ with some crossgrain remaining. The leather blade buffer is in place. This dagger employs the textbook aluminum fittings with upswept Customs eagle wings. What really attracted me to this one was the hand chiseling done to the wing details, the pommel and the ferule. See how each individual feather is hammered into place? Look at the veins on the leaves!! This was not cast rather someone did all of that by hand. Show me anything today that's made with this kind of care and attention to detail. This is exactly why German daggers are so addictive! Ok, I'll stop before I get carried away here. There is light wear but no damage. The unique Customs pommel is matching in patina and wear. These fittings are set off by a grip that is correctly wire wrapped with the double twist type wire. The undented scabbard has detailed bands with the correct chased line approx 5mm in from the front scabbard fitting edges. Guy's this detail is an absolute must on Customs daggers! The pieces with the scribed lines going right around these fittings are all fakes! No exceptions. Breaks my heart seeing guys throwing money away on those pieces! The fitting are all secured with headless aluminum screws. The throat is integral to the upper fitting. Ok guys, I have tried very hard to be complete here in both my description and photography. Yes, some work has been done on this but it's priced at hundreds less than what you would expect to pay. Exc++

Rating:    Exc++
Item Number:    CU-9136
Price:    $1,799.95 USD

Land Customs Dagger by Emil Voos Land Customs Dagger by Emil Voos Land Customs Dagger by Emil Voos Land Customs Dagger by Emil Voos Land Customs Dagger by Emil Voos Land Customs Dagger by Emil Voos

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