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Lakesidetrader is now offering Full Service consignment!

Looking to slim down the collection but want more money for your items?

Are you frustrated with your current consignment provider? Do you ever wonder whether or not your items have sold? Have you waited weeks, or even months, before you get paid?

Stop the waiting and wondering! Know where you are at with your consignment items!

Lakesidetrader is now offering the best consignment service on the market!

What do I get when I consign with Lakesidetrader?

  • Instant emails when your item gets listed and sold
  • Up to two weeks full extra exposure on our "Recently Added Items" section
  • First placement on our "Recently Added Items" section for the first list day*
  • Quality pictures along with detailed and accurate descriptions
  • A one page up-to-date: viewing, tracking and pricing breakdown of all items
  • Advice and Options
  • Easy price management*
  • Timely payment* upon sale of item(s)

Contact us and consign your items today!

Consignment Requirements

  • You get 80% of the sale price on all consignment items
    • If we list your item for $1,000, you get $800.
  • We prefer to not consign items under $1,000.
  • We hold complete rights to deny any item, for any reason.


  • You must have a verified Account with us to receive our Full Service consignment services.

Lakesidetraders Full Service Consignment Offers:

Instant emails:

List / Sold emails:

List Email Sold Email


For your viewing pleasure:

My Consignment Items

* Providing that your item is the only consignment item listed that day.
* All price adjustments will be reviewed by consigner.
* After purchasers inspection period (up to 10 days).