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We attempt to describe each item completely. All items come with a 5-day inspection period. If you are not satisfied with your purchase you may return the item. Refunds will be issued upon receipt of the item back in the exact condition it was sent out. Disassembly, modification or cleaning in part or whole voids this return policy.

All items unless otherwise described are of authentic manufacture and warranted to be so for life (mine).

Please contact me in advance of any return.

We do not refund and costs associated with a return.


Want to get your items right away and pay for them later? Use Paypal Credit.

All Layaways are subject to a 3% processing charge, with the exception of Paypal Credit.

We will consider all layaway requests and at our own discretion and decide whether or not to allow a layaway on any given item. Should you request a layaway ensure that you are 100% committed to the purchasing the item on time and in full.

Should a layaway be granted it is understood that you have read and agreed to the following:

  • Layaways are not permissible for an item less than $1,500.
  • A minimum of 25% down is required. The item will be put on hold only after the down payment is received.
  • Layaways are to be no longer than 9 months, for purchases less than $10,000.
  • We can disscuss the terms for Layaways above $10,000.

Our preferred method of payment for layaways is post-dated checks.


There is a $750 charge to:

  • Change the item(s) you have on layaway
  • Extend the duration of the layaway
  • Change the payment method part way through (eg. Paypal to Wire)
  • Change the currency (eg. USD to CAD)

There is a $100 charge for:

  • A late payment
  • Adding additional items to the layaway
  • A bounced Check

There is a 33% charge (of the full value of the layaway) when:

  • You cancel the layaway
  • You return the item(s) you had on layaway
  • No payment or contact has been made in 90 days

Our terms are strict and need to be. Layaways cost us time and money. When we approve a layaway we turn down selling that item to another customers who may be able to pay immediately and in full.

With that said, we will do our best to work with you to make for an easy purchase plan. We are often happy to tailor a payment plan to your specific needs.

Do not request a layaway unless you are 100% committed to the purchasing the item on time and in full, even in the event that a better piece comes up at a lower price.


Many folks want to trade and we are happy to provide this service to you. Please contact us in advance for approval before sending any items. Upon inspection, we will quote you a trade-in value for your items. You can either accept this offer or decline in which case we will return the trade items to you. Once accepted, these items become property of Lakesidetrader Inc. and the trade-in value is applied to your account to make purchases from our site.

Not Available

We sell on a 1st come 1st serve basis. Individuals who pay via the shopping cart nine times out of ten get the item first. Please keep in mind that we've listed items and sold them within minutes. Quite often we have people email us to get a quote, ask how much shipping is or ask for more pictures/information and someone else purchases the item, through the shopping cart, while talking to us. If you want something please don't hesitate. We hate to disappoint.

With that being said, we can mark any item you commit to purchase as "Not Available". Marking an item as "Not Available" ensures it isn't sold to someone else while payment is being facilitated. This is not intended to last more than 2 weeks. We consider any item still available until the sale is confirmed. Until you are 100% committed to purchase an item, please do not ask us to mark an item as "Not Available". Requesting a quote or saying you are interested in an item is an inquiry, not a commitment to buy. When we do mark an item as "Not Available", this is after you've seen and agreed to a quote, and this is a firm commitment to purchase.

Please understand that these rules are firm because many times we've been asked to put an item on hold for someone, and once we do we never hear from them again. We then miss out on a sale and often people question the item at hand. We appreciate your understanding.

We reserve the right to not sell to any individual for any reason at our own discretion.

Payment Methods

If you are looking to make a purchase, please Create an Account, click "Add to Cart" beside the desired item(s) and Checkout.

Accepted Payment Methods Restrictions
Check / Money OrderWe do not accept the Green Domestic US postal Money Order's
VisaRestricted to a maximum $10,000.00 USD payment
Direct DepositCanada customers only
Interac e-TransferCanada customers only
PaypalRestricted to a maximum $10,000.00 USD payment
Not accepted by Germany and France customers*
Western Union / Money Gram
Wire TransferA $25.00 USD charge is applicable

Lakesidetraders Paypal Account:

All of our prices are listed in US dollars. Canadian customers will be charged at the appropriate exchange.

Todays exchange rate is: 1 USD = 1.3714 CAD

If you are mailing payment please use sufficient postage. $1.15 USD is required for a 1st class letter to Canada from USA.

Lakesidetrader Inc
RR#2 Ennismore
Ennismore, ON
K0L 1T0


First off, we want to let you know it is not our goal to make money on shipping. We use a simple median price in an attempt to cover the packaging and shipping charges. Shipments are made using Canada Post's Tracked or Express Mail Service. This service provides you with an online tracking number. In most cases you will receive an emailed copy of your tracking number the same day the order is paid for. Here are the delivery times you can expect Shipping Services Overview.

  • Canada: 2-7 days
  • U.S.: 2-8 days
  • International: 4-10 days

We will, at your expense, upgrade shipping to FedEx on request. Please know this is expensive.

We cannot be responsible for any items seized or damaged by Customs or Postal authorities, even if you insure them! Please know your local import laws prior to ordering. If you do not request Insurance your item it not insured. Uninsured items are the responsibility of the purchaser.

Small lower value items able to fit inside a standard bubble envelope are shipped with no tracking or insurance at your risk of loss. If you are not willing to accept the risk of loss please choose the tracked option below.


Insurance is 3% of the total value of the purchase and is available upon request and is NOT available for the small items under $150.00 USD able to fit inside a standard bubble envelope. Please note we cannot insure for more than the declared value. If a package goes missing or is lost, you must wait 1 month prior to Canada Post putting a trace on it. Loss, seizure or/and damage due to Customs is not covered.


Canadian buyers are subject to applicable Taxes.

Province Rate
British Columbia5%
New Brunswick15%
Newfoundland and Labrador15%
Nova Scotia15%
Northwest Territories5%
Prince Edward Island15%

Certificates of Authenticity

If you would like a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) please request one at the time of purchase. To request one, simply write "COA" in the "Comments / Instructions:" input on Step-1 of the shopping cart process or email us that same day. Most often, COA's are mailed under separate cover by regular mail. We provide COA's for items valued over $250 at no charge. For items under $250, we can provide a COA for a nominal charge. Creating COA's after the fact is time consuming and can be done for a nominal charge. Our COA's incorporate security features making them difficult to copy.


Pictures on the site are the sole property of Lakesidetrader. They are not to be used without my written permission. This includes; posting on collector forums, using in newspapers or other social media sources. If you wish to use my pictures permission is usually granted we just want to know where and how they are used. Pictures remain the property of Lakesidetrader even after the item itself may be sold. These pictures may be used for promotional or educational purposes at my discretion.

Shipping to Germany

Due to import restrictions of certain items into Germany, there is an additional shipping upcharge of $149.95. The item(s) will be shipped to the EU then forwarded to Germany. This costs extra money and it has been successful.

Selling to France and Germany

Lakesidetrader cannot accept Paypal from FRANCE or GERMANY due to their countries' laws regarding certain types of items. Paypal must insure users follow these laws so they can continue to operate in these countries. Things that are forbidden in these two countries that we have been informed of, include Nazi or Vichy Regime uniforms. Any items with the Swastika, or uniforms involved in crimes against humanity such as Gestapo and SS are not allowed for these countries. WW2 German Army uniforms are allowed. Other items not allowed include coins, stamps, books that have the Nazi Swastika. If you have questions or concerns about this feel free to contact me.

Selling to Australia

Due to Australia's importation regulations on (double edged) Daggers, a B709B Form - Importation of Weapons - Police Certification is required. For more information: Click Here.

When the form is approved and the required information is complete, please contact us and we will ship your dagger.

There are no restrictions on the importation of medals, badges, helmets etc.

These Terms are subject to change without notice.

Pay me securely with any major credit card through PayPal!