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Eickhorn Baden Police Bayonet

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Purchased from Witty last year, Rather than describe this myself I'll share Tom's original description: POLBAY #26983 BADEN POLICE BAYONET ? Carl Eickhorn The Baden Police Bayonet is a rarely seen edged weapon and is also quite large. This example extends over 27 inches in length within the scabbard. It is very similar to the piece that is shown on the cover of the George Wheeler bayonet book, however, the example shown on the cover is probably Imperial period or 1920’s, while this example is definitely Third Reich. The hilt of this piece is extremely interesting in its design. The pommel area comes upward and curves completely over in a curl. It almost looks like a big drooping nose. The crossguards are very similar to the Fire Department, as they rise up and down on either end. The ferrule and back strapping is all built into the hilt design which reflects outstanding nickel finish. This nickeling is 100% throughout and the base metal is heavy nickel or brass. The grip plats are a thick Bakelite form having outstanding checkered finish. The checkering is perfect throughout the black Bakelite and these grip plates are retained by two rivets, both having dressed hears on each side. The scabbard of this example consists of a black dressed heads on each side. The scabbard of this example consists of a black leather shell. This shell shows little age and is still supple and in excellent condition throughout. The shell is decorated with twin lines running the length of the edges on both sides. It is sewn up the rear. The scabbard has nickel mounts exactly matching the hilt. The mounts have scalloped edges where they meet the leather. They are trained by staples in the reverse in the usual manner. There is a number appearing below the staples. The upper mount has a lug which would have fitted a frog, while the lower mount is decorated with two twin-line engravings. There is a frog on this piece. It is a larger style example which must have been patent leather at some time. It has experienced attic crazing, but is still all there and is serviceable. The blade is a 21 inch long example. It is very impressive, having wide fuller construction with ricasso. This blade is covered with old grease which could be easily cleaned off by the next owner with a little bit of acetone or light fluid. Beneath the old grease, I see a few stains in the surfaces, but overall, the blade still looks to be pretty good and certainly grades at excellent plus. The reverse ricasso is stamped with the Eickhorn trademark used from 1933-1935. It is the small double ovals which have the firm’s mane and location “Carl Eickhorn Solingen” within. Inside is a serrated tail rodent showing good detail throughout. There is a felt style blade buffer in place. A very rare Baden Police sidearm here and a great example for those collecting interesting bayonets.

Rating:    Exc+
Item Number:    BA-10165

Eickhorn Baden Police Bayonet Eickhorn Baden Police Bayonet Eickhorn Baden Police Bayonet Eickhorn Baden Police Bayonet Eickhorn Baden Police Bayonet Eickhorn Baden Police Bayonet

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