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Navy Divers Knife by Henckel

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Rare, rare, rare! Here's a piece missing from most 3rd Reich collections! This one is waffen stamped, verifying it was made during the period and makes it much more desirable! The diver's knife was part of the ordnance that would have gone with other equipment used not only by the navy, but with other service branches as required. It is ordnance-marked, the same as the NCO swords that were issued for parades, or other event to participants. It meant that it was the property of the branch of service and no doubt was retained with other related equipment for issuance when needed. The bright blade on this one looks great! It has a perfect tip and the waterproof nut in the end of the grip keeps a solid fit! The dark “J.A. Henckel Solingen” maker mark is beautifully executed! The blade rates a solid Exc++! The hilt on this piece is massive and weighs a ton! It's all turned on a lathe. Next to the blade we have a fine thread that you screw the scabbard onto and snug up to a rubber washer. The scabbard again is turned and polished prior to the assembly of a carry band that was snapped onto a diving suit. These were considered tools, not dress daggers. The inside is threaded. The scabbard body is undented. The top screw shows some wear. All the patina matches on this example! Overall the dagger is in excellent shape! A rare piece worthy of your collection!

Rating:    Exc++
Item Number:    DV-10340

Navy Divers Knife by Henckel Navy Divers Knife by Henckel Navy Divers Knife by Henckel Navy Divers Knife by Henckel Navy Divers Knife by Henckel Navy Divers Knife by Henckel

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