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Juncker 800 L/12 Knights Cross

Perhaps the most desired Juncker of them all! Dietrich Maerz calls the 800 L/12 the "holy grail" of Knights crosses. Now, I need to share this to all of those who are not in "the know". The reason Juncker crosses stand apart from the others is the fact that the dies for these were destroyed during an Allied air raid on Berlin late in the war. Which means that all of these crosses were produced during the war. A sure guarantee that this cross was awarded and given to a Knights Cross winner! This fact alone makes Juncker Knights Crosses a sure investment! The cross is a die struck, three-piece construction (single piece, black painted iron core and two piece silver 800 frame). The obverse features a larger pattee style cross with a centrally placed embossed swastika, above an embossed "1939" all in black with bright silver ribbing and a flat border. The reverse is a mirror image of the obverse except with no swastika and an embossed "1813" where the "1939" is. To the top of the cross is an integral "O" ring. Just below the ring, to the reverse side, is "800 L/12". A suspension loop is attached to the ring and is also correctly marked with the silver content designation "800". Look for a second at the way the tips of the loop have been finished. Textbook and exactly how they should be on an L/12! The silver border of the cross remains bright with nice patina. The Juncker "fingerprint" of where the ribs intersect in the corners is exactly as they should be. The black paint looks good. It shows some minor wear to the high areas, (just enough so you know it was worn) and minor paint crazing/loss. Comes with approx. 23.5" of original ribbon in great condition, just s wee but of wear where the loop was! Just enough so you know it was used! Overall this piece is in great condition and this is one cross everyone wants. Now is your chance to pick up an investment piece that you can drool over!

Rating:    Exc+/Exc++
Item Number:    M-10346

Juncker 800 L/12 Knights Cross Juncker 800 L/12 Knights Cross Juncker 800 L/12 Knights Cross Juncker 800 L/12 Knights Cross Juncker 800 L/12 Knights Cross Juncker 800 L/12 Knights Cross

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