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Alcoso Army Dagger

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I always like to buy these Alcoso's they have distinct parts and after you get to know them you can pick 'em out a mile away. This one is correct in every way. Blade has been cleaned at some point and does have some small hits to the edge. It is unmarked. It has a red buffer, likely one that is a replacement, when? Who knows? The textbook 3rd pattern brass based crossguard. All the hilt fittings sport a heavy silver plate. Love the pommel with lots of time and care going into the hand chased features. The grip has a chip to the top I have pulled back the portepee to show you. Dent-free scabbard is absolutely Alcoso with that rounded look. It has some minor wear but still looks great. The throat is secured with two side screws. The nicely detailed scabbard bands have hand enhancing hiding the casting seams. This has been cleaned at some point. Finally a nice portepee with matching wear finishes this one.

Rating:    Exc+
Item Number:    AR-10416

Alcoso Army Dagger Alcoso Army Dagger Alcoso Army Dagger Alcoso Army Dagger Alcoso Army Dagger Alcoso Army Dagger

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