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Shooting Dagger by Eickhorn

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Well, we don’t come across these pieces that often, and is it’s even harder to find one in this kind of condition! The 15 inch blade is a triple acid etched example that is in excellent condition! The “Original Eickhorn Solingen” maker mark is beautifully executed. The dark and crisp acid etch motif to the panels are beautifully detailed and displayed! They depict: hunters, rifles, bucks, a target, trees and laurel leaves all in hunting settings. It continues to hold a nice tight fit. The blade rates a solid Exc++/NM. The tip has a small catch to it and there is the slightest evidence of age greying. The scabbard is also in excellent condition! It has very fine black leather that is 100% intact! It depicts two decorative lines running the length of the scabbard on both sides. All of the stitching remains intact. Both matching steel based, plated fittings have scalloped edges and are tightly secured by one staple each. The lower fitting has some plating loss and bubbling. The top retains 99% plating coverage. The hilt on this piece is really cool compared to other daggers! The clamshell depicts an oak/laurel leaf wreath with acorns surrounding an enameled ?Deutscher - Scuutzen-Verband -? Shooting Association Membership pin correctly pinned in place. The crossguard is nickel plated alloy and retains 100% coverage. Both quillions terminate at an acorn each. The ferrule and pommel both have decorative lines throughout. The pommel ends at a screw that is un-tampered with. The grip is wood based and celluloid covered. There are several hair line cracks to the top around the pommel. The grip also has two crossed rifles that are correctly pinned to the center obverse. Overall, this piece is a hard one to come by so now’s your chance to get a real beauty of a piece, you will be proud to own!

Rating:    Exc++
Item Number:    SD-10656

Shooting Dagger by Eickhorn Shooting Dagger by Eickhorn Shooting Dagger by Eickhorn Shooting Dagger by Eickhorn Shooting Dagger by Eickhorn Shooting Dagger by Eickhorn

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