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Tagged WKC Land Customs Dagger

Wow! What a gorgeous piece that retains most of its factory lacquer! The bright blade on this one is just wonderful! The acid etched knights head “WKC Solingen” maker mark is perfectly executed. The crossgrain is stunning as it runs the full length of the blade. The tip is perfect as is the fit! Well I guess you just can’t ask for more! The blade rates in at Mint-! The steel based leather covered scabbard quite exceptional! It continues to retain 98% leather coverage! You rarely find original leather in great shape, so this one’s is an exception! The three steel based and silver washed slanted scabbard fittings show the correct chased line approximately 5mm in from the front scabbard fitting edges. The scabbard continues to remain dent free, retains lots of lacquer and has all three headless screws still intact. The throat is integral to the upper fitting as we see on 95% of these. The scabbard fits snugly up against the hilt. The alloy based and silver washed upswept Customs eagle reveals tons of detail work! Just take a sec and look at the head, chest wings and wreathed swastika. Nice! The ferrule and pommel depict nice detail as well with the proud oak leaves throughout. The leathered grip is in awesome shape with the same 98% coverage. It is aLl correctly wire wrapped with the double twisted wire wrap. All of the patina, color and age match throughout. Oh yah don’t forget the tag! It comes with WKC’s original red and gold tag! A striking piece worthy of your collection!

Rating:    NM
Item Number:    CU-11366
Price:    $1,899.95 USD

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