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Army Medical Officer’s Visor

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Here’s a beauty example of an upgraded Army Medical Officer’s Visor that was recently taken out of a local Canadian collection. The visor is constructed of quality field-gray wool with blue waffenfarbe piping. The visor has some fading that has faded the piping to a bit of a more purple hue but when you look under the side where it was protected from the light it is more blue. The wool is in beautiful condition! The center-band is made of a dark green wool material. It has an excellent wreath and cockade along with the correct Heer national eagle insignia. The interwoven flatwire/bullion chinstrap looks beautiful and has well working slides. It matches the rest of the visor in color and condition. The chinstrap is fixed to the sides with two aluminum pebbled buttons, that are securely intact. The visor top has an internal wire stiffener, giving it that rigid and distinct shape you want to see on these. The black lacquered vulcanfiber visor peek is in beautiful condition and is secured with all its original stitching. The interior is lined in a tan cotton material. The tan ersatz leather sweat-band shows some crazing and is lose near the front. The top has a celluloid sweat diamond that is nicely maker marked "Deutsch Wertarbeit Sonderklasse". It shows quality workmanship and is very nice!

Rating:    NM
Item Number:    Vi-12322

Army Medical Officer’s Visor Army Medical Officer’s Visor Army Medical Officer’s Visor Army Medical Officer’s Visor Army Medical Officer’s Visor Army Medical Officer’s Visor

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