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Alcoso Diplomatic dagger

Here we have one of the most elegant daggers made during the Third Reich! The blade on this piece is stone mint! The dark and crisp, acid etched "Alcoso Solingen" maker mark is the 1st these guys used on these daggers. The crossgrain remains visible and it has a perfect tip and fit! The original buffer pad remains intact. The scabbard is a beautiful, dent-free, steel based silver plated example. The scabbard body depicts nice details with a random pebbled body and two separately applied oak leaf bands. The two side throat retaining screws remain intact. The scabbard snugly fits up against the hilt. The crossguard is tombak based and silver plated. It depicts a regal eagle with outstretched wings clutching a wreathed swastika in its talons. It wonderfully displays details throughout the eagles head, chest, wings, and thick wreathed swastika. The glamorous eagle head pommel, screw cap, ferrule and front side plate are all tombak based and silver plated. The pommel nut has been turned at some point. These components all hold together two mother of pearl grip plates. They are in perfect condition with no cracks, chips or splits! All of the exterior components match in plating, patina, age and color. Overall this is a real beauty that wonderfully shows off hand-fitted German craftsmanship

Rating:    NM
Item Number:    DI-13728

Alcoso Diplomatic dagger Alcoso Diplomatic dagger Alcoso Diplomatic dagger Alcoso Diplomatic dagger Alcoso Diplomatic dagger Alcoso Diplomatic dagger

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