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SA Dagger by RZM M.7/52/38.

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A great piece with aluminum crossguards! A rare variation! This is the second time I've owned this piece so I will just use my previous description:
"Blade motto and RZM mark are perfectly crisp and retain nice factory frosting. Interesting to see the RZM mark. These guys never made a lot of RZM's and this is the 1st of theirs I've handled. Check out the code. Unusual to see the method they used "M.7/52/38.". Format is quite right for these guys just not often seen and sometimes is scares off new guys to see a "non-textbook" RZM mark. Fear not, it's perfectly fine and for those of us that enjoy these subtleties a treat! I would say nearly all the crossgrain is intact. Blade rates Exc++. Scabbard-original plated fittings with no lifting, just a small scratch to the reverse upper. The scabbard body is straight and the original paint is 99% intact with just a wee bit of spidering. The ball is perfect. Scabbard fits the blade like a glove! Handle-is a well fit red colored medium hardwood setting off a nickel eagle. The SA enamel is fine. Grip has no chips but one small defect that appears to me to be a natural wood variation, nothing really, but for you guys who want to know every detail it's there. Nothing is loose and the mark I'm sure was there the day this was made. If the factory accepted it, maybe you can too! Grip shows minor shrinkage but well within what is normal on a RZM and all the angles and radii are right. 100% of enamel is intact and the perfectly fit eagle is the later aluminum type with no oxidizing. Crossguards are solid Aluminum, again not normally seen but still quite right, as a matter of fact I always grab these as they never bubble the way most pot metal guards will and will stand the test of time! A nice RZM with some interesting features Vet. purchased by Ron Wienand several years ago. Exc++"
A great piece that I can trace the history on; Ron, me, a collector, me again and now you? I know I'm happy to own it again once more!

Rating:    Exc++
Item Number:    SA-14510

SA Dagger by RZM M.7/52/38. SA Dagger by RZM M.7/52/38. SA Dagger by RZM M.7/52/38. SA Dagger by RZM M.7/52/38. SA Dagger by RZM M.7/52/38. SA Dagger by RZM M.7/52/38.

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