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SS Himmler Dagger by C. Eickhorn

Well I have some providence on this one!! Starting from Johnson Reference Book's Catalog# 48 this piece was sold to a collector November 27th 1989 , then from this collector to Craig Gottlieb Military Antiques, then from him to another collector back in April 11, 2005 and then from that collector to J.R. Meda Militaria who sold it to another collector, and now I own it! This piece comes with Johnsons original catalog description, Craig Gottlieb COA and JR. Meda's description. I would happily be willing to provide a COA just ask :). I also have all of the collectors names I just would rather not disclose them. Well since I have JR's description I might as well use it!
"This is one dagger that it took me 20 of collecting before I was able to acquire the one that resides in my own collection. The prices of these Honor Daggers were always 2 steps ahead of what I had in my wallet and it took selling 4 of my 33's some 5 years ago, to finally get one of my own. Now I'm honored to be able to offer one of these elusive and much sought after Himmler Daggers, to the collecting community. We have all seen the stratosphere prices that these have skyrocketed to in the last few years, and this is going to be no doubt a one time opportunity for somebody out there.
Now the description. To begin with, this Himmler has the pedigree paper work from Lt. Col. Johnson, when he first offered this dagger in his catalog back 1989. So not only is a copy of the listing included, but also the original bill of sale that TJ sent with the dagger when it was purchased.
The ebony grip on this baby is Eickhorn all the way. With the perfect SS flat runes button as well as their signature "long neck" eagle, the shape of this ebony handle is what we see with all early SS daggers from the famous Eickhom Firm. The grip does have one small chip under the let eagle wing and a superficial, more of a line crack that extends from this area around the grip- It doesn't detract nor affect the structure of this nice grip, and as a matter of fact is even difficult for me to even show in my photographs. Other than that, no chipping, flaking nor any other challenges with the wood and is as nice as one could ever hope for on any SS dagger, let alone a Himmler Honor piece!
The fittings are solid nickel and have taken on that greenish / gold hue of a dagger that has never been cleaned since the end of WWII. Love it when I see them this way. The bottom crossguard is benchmarked "6" or "9" which ever. Something that all the purest want to see but sometimes on period early Eickhoms daggers, is sometimes not there. These crossguards a near perfect and fit very nicely to the ebony grip, compared to many early SS and SA daggers that we see from this period.
The scabbard of this Himmler is a beauty! All of the anodizing, gorgeous un-cleaned patina on the upper and lower shape, all unturned screws and a full ball on the lower fitting; you will go time to find a shell any nicer than this one. It does have the original early snout-nose hanger on it which the leather has seen it's better days. Cracked and stressed, it's all there including the little leather loop. The nickel clip is perfect including the spring.
The blade. As with the rest of this dagger, it is un-cleaned and matches exactly the rest of the components. The motto still retains the light gray original burnishing, and runs straight down the center of the blade. The Himmler dedication and signature is the same. It to still has the gray burnishing in each of the letter and stands out very pronouncedly. Himmler dagger are rare enough, but to add to this piece it is marked with the "serrated tail" squirrel logo. This logo is seen far less on Himmlers compared to the "smooth tail" Just look in Witty's bible and you'll see. The blade does show some light age, runner marks, light scrapes etc. but for an un-cleaned dagger that's to be expected. For the purest this piece hasn't been touched and perfectly matches in ever way.
If I ever feel that a Himmler Dagger were one of the initial 200 that were initially given out for the murder of 150+ High Leaders SA, this baby is it! A damn nice un-cleaned Himmler at a bargain price and a super investment that will be worth more the very day that you add it to your stable l Guaranteed to your complete satisfaction, and guaranteed to give you the feeling of evil personified in the 3rd degree!"
Well there you have it! One you won't ever have a doubt about!

Rating:    Exc/Exc+
Item Number:    SS-14524

SS Himmler Dagger by C. Eickhorn SS Himmler Dagger by C. Eickhorn SS Himmler Dagger by C. Eickhorn SS Himmler Dagger by C. Eickhorn SS Himmler Dagger by C. Eickhorn SS Himmler Dagger by C. Eickhorn

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