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"Lazy 2" Knights Cross by C.E. Juncker

This is perhaps the most desired Knights Cross of them all! The Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross was the highest award made by Nazi Germany to recognize extreme battlefield bravery or outstanding military leadership during World War II. The award is a die struck three-piece construction that has been soldered together. The single piece core is constructed out of an iron metal base that has been black painted. The two piece frame is constructed out of an "800" silver content that has been frosted and polished. The obverse features a larger patt�e style cross that has a centrally placed embossed mobile swastika and an embossed "1939" (Hitler's re-institution date) date to the lower arm, which is all on a black base and surrounded by a silver ribbed/beaded row and flat outlying border. The reverse shows an embossed "1813" (the original institution date) date to the lower arm, which is on a black base and surrounded by that same silver ribbed/beaded row and flat outlying border. To the top-reverse of border (just below the integral ring) it is Pr�sidialkanzlei (PZK) maker marked "2" (lying on its side - "Lazy 2") along with "800" (silver content designation). The black matte paint is in wonderful condition 98%+ and the silver border has beautifully patinaed with time! The cross measures approximately 1 7/8 inches wide and tall (without the ring). A suspension loop is attached to the ring (�se) and is also correctly marked "800". The cross comes complete with a piece of confectioned fitted ribbon. The ribbed ribbon is constructed out of a red, white and black rayon with two stitched on green strings. The ribbon is in wonderful condition as well! This cross was originally sold by eMedals with an original replacement ring and post-war ribbon. The original ribbon has been added. This piece comes with a seven page Certificate of Authenticity from Dietrich Maerz. Truly an excellent piece that every collector aspires to have! Now is your chance, don't miss out!

Rating:    Exc++
Item Number:    M-15184

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