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2nd Model EM RLB Dagger

A good looking piece! The unmarked blade on this one looks great. The crossgrain is beautiful running the full length of the blade. The tip comes to a perfect point and the fit remains nice and tight. The blade rates an Exc++/NM. It shows minor spotting throughout along with the common surface scratches. The blue pebbled buffer pad continues to remain intact. The steel based, black enameled painted looks great! It shows spidering and retains 97%+ of its original paint coverage! The solid nickel-silver scabbard fitting and throat look excellent! All three screws (two scabbard and one throat retaining) remain intact. The zinc-alloy based nickel-silver plated crossguard and pommel looks fine. The RLB eagle is nicely detailed! 70% of the plating remains intact. The black died hardwood grip looks good. It has a small chip to the obverse along with a few cracks and pressure marks throughout. These grips tend to be in rougher condition as the boiled die tends to make them brittle. It has the properly pinned swastika. The swastika's enamel is 85%+ intact. The hanger leather is a post-war replacement. A good piece!

Rating:    Exc+/Exc++
Item Number:    RLB-17027
Price:    $1,199.95 USD

2nd Model EM RLB Dagger 2nd Model EM RLB Dagger 2nd Model EM RLB Dagger 2nd Model EM RLB Dagger 2nd Model EM RLB Dagger 2nd Model EM RLB Dagger

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