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Early SA Chained High Leader Dagger by Eickhorn

A wonderful opportunity for you to purchase an untouched original SA High Leader Dagger. The blade is a maiden hair, hand-forged, Damascus steel construction. The obverse features a muted gilt, raised out, SA motto which reads "Alles Für Deutschland" and is flanked by oak leaf and acorn sprigs. The reverse displays that same prominent maiden-hair pattern. Just above the lower crossguard is the gilded, raised out 1933-35 "Carl Eickhorn Solingen" maker mark. There remains traces of the original gilt to the motto and maker mark. The full length blade features very prominent patterns with a nicely darkened finish. The condition of the blade easily rates Exc+/Exc++. The blade shoulders nicely fit the lower crossguard. The blades tang is stamped "DAMAST". Additionally, the other side of the tang is numbered "175". The scabbard shell is perfectly straight and is covered with the original fine grained brown leather. The leather shows some signs of period age wear from the chain and shrinkage revealing the base to the edges. The leather runs up to the upper and lower fittings. Verdigris has built in that crack. 95% leather coverage remains intact. The center band is a fold-over fitting that was installed over the leather surface and riveted into place, as was the case with early High Leader examples. They were upgraded in the period with the addition of the fitting and chain. The scalloped scabbard fittings have burnished paneled lines bordering their design on both surfaces. The top one has a small pressure mark. The crossguards match the tone of the silver crossguards perfectly. All of the fittings are in excellent condition only showing period age. These scabbard fittings are retained by early silvered screws. The round lower ball has never been dropped on and retains its original round shape. The chain hanger is attached to the scabbard by small round wire ring connectors. These ring connectors are fitted through the eyelets, which accompany the upper and center scabbard fitting. The chain hanger assembly consists of five upper and seven lower links. Each link is rectangular in shape and has a centrally placed, raised out, static swastika. The inner links are equipped with a loop on each of the four sides. These built in loops are used to connect the links together with small round metal tabs. The end links of both chain assemblies merely have holes drilled into them where small rings connect them directly to the proper hardware. The two outer chains connect to a round burnished SA emblem and separately soldered on clip. The spring is original and continues to work well. The reverse of the chain assembly is in the same condition showing beautiful age patina. The burnished silver honor crossguards elegantly display a hand enhanced oak leaf and acorn motif. The crossguards are internally numbered "106" and match. The brown hardwood grip is a medium contour ridge constructed type. It shows the common pressure mark throughout along with two cracks to the reverse side. It has very attractive color tones and remanence of its original lacquer. It is also numbered. The grip remains in excellent condition, fitting the crossguards quite nicely. The SA roundel is beautifully set into the grip and it continues to retain 99% of its enamel. The grip eagle is a fine silver-toned example, being the "high necked" silvered variety most often observed on these honor examples. The top tang nut snugly secures the grip and crossguards in place. All of the components feature even age patina wear throughout. An outstanding original SA High Leader dagger and one of the few that has never seen restoration work. German craftsmanship at its best!

Rating:    Exc+/Exc++
Item Number:    SAH-17215

Early SA Chained High Leader Dagger by Eickhorn Early SA Chained High Leader Dagger by Eickhorn Early SA Chained High Leader Dagger by Eickhorn Early SA Chained High Leader Dagger by Eickhorn Early SA Chained High Leader Dagger by Eickhorn Early SA Chained High Leader Dagger by Eickhorn

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