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Red Cross EM Dagger

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Here's a great example of a Red Cross EM Dagger! The blade on this one rates an easy Exc+/Exc++. The crossgrain is easily visible from hilt to tip and the teeth to the saw back remain nice and sharp! To the reverse of the blade is visibly marked "GES. GESCHUTZT", no, not necessary but always nice to see! It has a few fingerprint stains but that's about it. The original thick brown leather washer remains tightly in place. The alloy based nickel plated hilt fittings look nice and solid! They retain about 70% plating coverage. The obverse medallion depicts fine detail with obvious vaulting to the swastika on the bird's chest and the cross in its talons. Just the way you want to see them! The grip plates are in near perfect condition and are tightly secured by two screws. The black enamel repainted scabbard looks good with 98% paint coverage. There is a bit of age crazing throughout and there is a tiny impression just below the frog lug, I had no luck picturing it but if you turn this just so in the sun you can find it. The scabbard fittings match the hilt in color and wear. All screws remain intact. Overall it's a solid example that will make for a solid display!

Rating:    Exc+/Exc++
Item Number:    RC-17801

Red Cross EM Dagger Red Cross EM Dagger Red Cross EM Dagger Red Cross EM Dagger Red Cross EM Dagger Red Cross EM Dagger

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