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Early SS dagger by Ed. Gembruch

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An extremely rare maker on this one! I've only owned one before in my life. The blade on this one looks good. The acid etched “Meine Ehre Heisst Treue” motto and “Ed. Gembruch Solingen” maker mark are both crisply executed though the maker mark is a bit lightened. The fit is perfect, there is some age gray and light evidence of fingerprint stains. Nice crossgrain continues to remain visible. The blade rates Exc+. The edges are all smooth and the blade is unsharpened and unshortened. The scabbard body is steel based and black anodized. It shows minor oxidization spotting throughout yet retains a nice finish. It shows evidence that a vertical hanger used to be on it at some point. The solid nickel scabbard fittings look good with the exception of the lower where it has a split at the screw hole. This I have clearly shown. It is tightly secured and original. The ball retains its original round shape and all four scabbard screws remain intact. The scabbard fit is perfect and closes with a snap! The solid nickel crossguards look excellent, matching the scabbard fittings in color and wear. The reverse of the lower fitting is NOT district stamped, which is exactly how these all are. Why? Sorry I have not got a good answer on that other than possibly these were made in a small batch for presentation or as special gifts for a certain group, whatever the reason this is how they are, check Witty's reference and you will see I'm right. The black died hardwood grip is in excellent condition and way better than most SS daggers I’ve seen! No chips and no cracks! It has the beginnings of a wee flake to the reverse top and pressure marks throughout, but that’s it! The grip to crossguard fits are perfect. The solid nickel eagle is wonderfully detailed and has a near perfect fit. The SS roundel retains 100% of its enamel and also has a perfect fit! A solid SS dagger, by a rare maker, Expensive? Try and find another!!

Rating:    Exc+/Exc++
Item Number:    SS-17873

Early SS dagger by Ed. Gembruch Early SS dagger by Ed. Gembruch Early SS dagger by Ed. Gembruch Early SS dagger by Ed. Gembruch Early SS dagger by Ed. Gembruch Early SS dagger by Ed. Gembruch

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