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Navy Trumpet Banner

Wow what a piece! Just look at the detail work that went into this! Stunning! It is both machine embroidered and hand stitched with multiple pieces of gold bullion, cotton and silk/rayon materials. The obverse elegantly displays a centrally placed, hand stitched, gold bullion Kreigsmarine eagle with outstretched wings clutching a wreathed swastika in it talons. The eagle is centrally placed on a blue cotton field which also has a decorative single line, twisted, gold bullion border to the exterior with knotted corners. The reverse banner displays the Navy National War/Battle Flag. It consists of a centrally placed black mobile swastika on a white roundel, with four white and black lines running out of it. There is also a black and white Iron Cross to the top left, all of which lies on a red silk/rayon field. To both sides of perimeter is a beautiful decorative golden/yellow lining and a gold twisted bullion fringe (to the three fly ends). The hoist end retains all four of its original black cotton strings, making it that much easier to display! The strings are well worn and have holes/tears throughout. Two of the four center strings have been shortened. It is very difficult to find these still intact, so what’s there is a great feature! The obverse shows one thread catch spot to the left of the eagle along with minor soilage throughout. The reverse has a few tears to the right of the top swastika arm, the odd thread catch and stain spot throughout. The fringe remains 98% intact! It retains beautiful color, detail work and true quality craftsmanship! It measures approximately 18 1/2 inches wide and tall (without the fringe/ hoist strings). This banner is a perfect display size and one that should be at the center of your collection! What a piece!

Rating:    Exc++/NM
Item Number:    FL-17915
Price:    $8,995.00 USD

Navy Trumpet Banner Navy Trumpet Banner Navy Trumpet Banner Navy Trumpet Banner Navy Trumpet Banner Navy Trumpet Banner

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