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BDM Podium Banner

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A great looking BDM podium banner measuring approx. 28”x34” that just has a ton of work that has gone into it. Purchased from Witty for $995 a couple years ago and now being offered at our pricing! It is constructed on a quality red cotton base on to which is sewn a black roundel then a HJ diamond. Every color change you see here is a carefully constructed separate piece of material. The edges are bordered by a one inch textured cotton tape. The bottom has a 2.5 inch fringe. The top tape has some minor soil, other than that this is very clean. There are 4 wee holes to the top corners from where the Vet tacked this up on a wall. The reverse is maker marked. Really will make for a great centerpiece!

Rating:    Exc++
Item Number:    FL-18019

BDM Podium Banner BDM Podium Banner BDM Podium Banner BDM Podium Banner BDM Podium Banner BDM Podium Banner

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