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Social Welfare Officer’s Dagger

The well-known and respected dealer Tom Wittmann has previously described this dagger, so here it is:
This Social Welfare Dagger is in the best condition you are likely to see. The nickel-plated hilt mounts are in perfect condition, with no signs of lifting or any other problems. Even the screw fitting on top of the cap appears to be untouched. The cap itself has crisp edge as it tapers to a neck which fits over the grip. The crossguard is in similarly fine condition. It features an oval disk on on both sides, the obverse being decorated with an eagle with a raised mobile swastika on his breast. The eagle grasps a Red Cross in his talons. The guards are the short, rounded type. The grip of this dagger retains the original lemon yellow color, indicating that it has not seen the light of day in many years. Apparently it has been properly stored and as such avoided being discolored to a shade of orange by UV radiation. It is in perfect condition throughout. The scabbard is as straight as an arrow and the pebbled panels are still crisp enough to file your nails on. The bands are the the flat type with the round hole eyelets that distinguish this dagger as a Social Welfare type. I personally believe that these round hole daggers are all the product of a single maker. We see Red Cross and Social Welfare hangers; it follows that there would also be a dagger for each type. As we would hope the blade is a real beauty, with a mirror finish and 100% intact crossgrain on both sides. The tip is still needle-like. The ricasso is nickel-plated as opposed to being polished. The new-like pebbled brown washer is in place. If you are looking to the best of the best this piece would be difficult, if not impossible, to upgrade this dagger.

Rating:    NM/Mint-
Item Number:    RC-18107
Price:    $1,399.95 USD

Social Welfare Officer’s Dagger Social Welfare Officer’s Dagger Social Welfare Officer’s Dagger Social Welfare Officer’s Dagger Social Welfare Officer’s Dagger Social Welfare Officer’s Dagger

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