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TENO EM Dagger by Carl Eickhorn

The well-known and respected dealer Tom Wittmann has previously described this dagger, so here it is:
This TeNo Hewer has relatively good nickel plating on the hilt. The crossguard and the front and backstrap pieces remains in excellent condition, whereas the pommel shows a little bit of wear on the eagle's beak and high spots. There is some surface movement underneath the plating but all of the plated surface remains. The gear wheel has all of the factory blackening in the recesses of the design. The crossguard eagle is in choice, crisp condition with all the original factory blackening in the recessed areas. The bird looks to the viewer’s left, with open wings and grasping a mobile swastika inset with a TeNo insignia. The grip plates are a fine, off-white celluloid and are in perfect condition, showing some nice toning. The screws and spanners are all in place, showing some minor age but they do not look to have been turned. The scabbard shell is nice and straight throughout and has outstanding original paint. There are only a couple of signs of wear here and there and overall it is about 98% intact, with the original factory sheen. The nickel scabbard mounts are in good shape, showing only a mild patination that could be easily cleaned up if so desired. The upper reverse mount has a “U” fitting which accommodates the snap clip for the leather frog. The original screws are all in place and unturned. Attached to the “U” bracket is a black leather TeNo frog. This frog is in generally good condition, although the cross strap is weak and is missing the button hole at the end. The snap clip, however, is in good shape and has the usual markings. Attached to the snap clip and wrapped around the scabbard shell is the original troddel. This troddel is in perfect condition, having gray cloth strapping decorated with twin blue lines. There is no fray or any other problems on the strapping. The slide is a darker blue color and the stem is a lighter blue. The ball has a dark blue cap that matches the slide, while the lower area is gray. The internal stuffing of the ball matches the strapping. The mint blade of this hewer is etched with the serial number “5658”; the same number can been seen stamped into the scabbard throat. The blade has the usual matte finish, being basically an RAD blade without etching. It has the Bowie-style type and a narrow fuller on both sides. The reverse of the blade is etched with the 1935-51 Eickhorn Squirrel trademark. Atop the rodent is a TeNo eagle and swastika, as well as “Ges Gesch” on either side of the bird. The original black washer is in place. A good, complete, basic TeNo piece here, in collectible condition and reasonably priced given what is included and the rarity of these daggers these days.

Rating:    Exc++/NM
Item Number:    TENO-18108
Price:    $3,419.96 $3,799.95 USD

TENO EM Dagger by Carl Eickhorn TENO EM Dagger by Carl Eickhorn TENO EM Dagger by Carl Eickhorn TENO EM Dagger by Carl Eickhorn TENO EM Dagger by Carl Eickhorn TENO EM Dagger by Carl Eickhorn TENO EM Dagger by Carl Eickhorn TENO EM Dagger by Carl Eickhorn TENO EM Dagger by Carl Eickhorn TENO EM Dagger by Carl Eickhorn

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