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TEXTBOOK Example - Cased DKiG by 20 in Shipment Box

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Wow! A one-of-a-kind Textbook example of a Cased German Cross in Gold by Zimmermann in its original shipment box! This piece can be found on page 541 of Detlev Niemann's "Price Guide Orders and Decorations Germany 1871-1945".
From what I can make of the shipment label, the award was sent on March 2nd 1945, from "The Minister of State and Head of the Presidential Chancellery" (Otto Lebrecht Eduard Daniel Meissner) address Berlin W 8, Voßstraße, 4 to a Reconnaissance & Cavalry School in Münster.
The exterior shipment label reads:
"Der Staatsminister und Chef der Präsidialkanzlei - Berlin W 8, Voßstraße 4" (The Minister of State and Head of the Presidential Chancellery - address)
"Präsidialkanzlei - Frei durch Abl?sung Reich" (Presidential Chancellery - Free by Empire (Offices of the Reich did not have to pay for stamps or transportation))
"Einschreiben" (Certified Letter)
"An die Aufkl. (Aufklärungsgruppe) - und Kav.(Kavallerie) - Schule | Lehrgr. II/2. Insp." (To the Reconnaissance and Cavalry School | Lehrgr II/2 Insp.)
"(20) Münster | Kreis Solingen" (County Solingen)
Black ink stamp (top-right) "Berlin W b 8 b 2.3.45. 16-17" (Shipped - March 2nd 1945 4-5pm)
Red and white stick on Stamp "r Berlin 8 984"
The Gold German Cross was awarded to military personnel to recognize repeated acts (6-8) of bravery or exceptional command in combat. It is constructed out of a die struck, five piece construction, made of a; light cupal base, white aluminum core, gold gilded tombak wreath, and contains red and black enamel work. The obverse features a large centrally placed raised black enamel mobile swastika, on a smooth white/silver aluminum base, which is then surrounded by a gold gilded tombak laurel leaf and ribbon wreath that is marked "1941" to the bottom and lies on a red enamel base. This is all then on a two piece backend and silvered eight point sunburst pattern backing. The full back reverse correctly shows; four embossed rivets, a soldered c-shaped catch, soldered sheet metal hinge (which are both on an oval/rectangular base plate), and a solid tapered flatwire pin which is maker marked with a recessed "20" (Fritz Zimmermann, Stuttgart) to the interior. The cross features the correct: height, width, weight and die flaws. There is only age fading to the aluminum core. The black enamel work is superb, 99%+ intact! The gilding to the wreath is just beautiful and the blacking and silver wash to the sun burst is wonderful! Overall it is in wonderful condition with wonderful detail! The badge rates Exc++/NM. This Gold German Cross also comes housed in its original case. The case is constructed out of a wood and pressed cardboard base that is covered in a simulated, grained black leather. To the front is a round steel spring loaded closure button. To the back is steel based hinge. The hinge and the closure button continue to function well. The interior top lid is lined in white silk and has an underlying pad. The bottom interior of the case is made of a black flocking covered cardboard with the hole to accept the pin, hinge and catch assembly. It has a gold line around the exterior top. The case is in mint- condition being protected from the shipment box. The shipment box is constructed out of a pressed cardboard that is secured with eight oxidized staples one to each corner. It houses its original protective paper packing material. It measures approximately 4 5/8 inches wide and long by 1 1/4 inches thick. A superb textbook featured example with a story! A one of a kind piece you are sure to cherish!

Rating:    NM
Item Number:    M-18130

TEXTBOOK Example - Cased DKiG by 20 in Shipment Box TEXTBOOK Example - Cased DKiG by 20 in Shipment Box TEXTBOOK Example - Cased DKiG by 20 in Shipment Box TEXTBOOK Example - Cased DKiG by 20 in Shipment Box TEXTBOOK Example - Cased DKiG by 20 in Shipment Box TEXTBOOK Example - Cased DKiG by 20 in Shipment Box

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