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Type II Chained SS Dagger

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This is the best Chained SS dagger we have on the site right now! Don't hesitate or it will be gone! The blade on this one is elegant! The dark and crisp acid etched "Meine Ehre heißt Treue" motto is beautifully executed and contrasts the bright blade beautifully! The crossgrain is easily visible for hilt to tip as you shine it in the light. The tip comes to a perfect point and it continues to hold a nice and tight fit! There is no maker mark and this is exactly how they were issued from the factory. The blade rates a solid Exc++/NM. It shows the common age grey/spotting and surface scratches throughout. The tip may look as though it's been touched up but its 3mm over the required length. The steel based black painted scabbard body on this one looks great. It shows the common age spidering yet continues to remain completely dent free and holds 98%+ paint coverage. The solid nickel-silver scabbard fittings have pleasantly patinaed matching the hilt perfectly. The ball has a bruise to its very bottom yet still holds a nice round shape visible to any other side. All five screws remain intact. The chain is the earlier Type II variation that is solid nickel-silver and black burnished. The chain links show wonderful detail to the skulls and SS runes! It's really something when you look at the skull and you can see right down to each individual tooth! The correct first upper link reverse is clearly "SS" proof marked. The clip continues to work well. The scabbard to crossguard fit is perfect. The nickel-silver based crossguards are in excellent shape perfectly matching the scabbard fittings in color and patina. The black hardwood grip is in wonderful condition and is way better than most! The only thing I can see is minor flake loss to the obverse top left. No cracks or splits. The solid nickel-silver eagle is beautifully detailed and has a perfect fit. The SS roundel retains 99%+ of its enamel and also has a perfect fit! This is an awesome piece! Grab it today!

Rating:    Exc++/NM
Item Number:    SS-18172

Type II Chained SS Dagger Type II Chained SS Dagger Type II Chained SS Dagger Type II Chained SS Dagger Type II Chained SS Dagger Type II Chained SS Dagger

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