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Presented Hunting Association Cutlass by Alcoso

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Wonderful Cutlass with inscribed panel. The fittings are all brass silver color with an arnate clamshell and quillions. The fittings all have honest period wear to the high areas and have patinaed to a pleasing hue. The cutlass overall measures about 23". This is a large weapon having a most impressive look to it. The pommel cap is well detailed with hand-enhanced oak leaves. The ferules have inscribed decorative lines running around the circumference. There is a proud acorn at the top that acts as the tang nut. The crossguard is and ornate hunting type with hunting dogs with hooves coming from their mouths. There is lots of hand done hair put into the metal of the hooves dogs. The clam shell has a motif of Elk and dogs. An exceptional piece of stag was chosen to compliment this weapon. The stag is a large diameter and it curves to the left. The stag has beautiful raised graining and a multitude of browns from black to yellow. A 3rd Reich Hunting insignia on green enamel replaced the obverse center acorn. Likely a special order for the Event for which was awarded for. The scabbard shell is also a fine example having a composition base covered with black leather with decorative scribed lines running down the edges. There is a piece of paper wrapped around the scabbad indicating in English the inscription, this was likely done by the Vet on return, remove it if you wish. The scabbard fittings are in fine shape remaining dent-free. The scabbard mounts are in brass matching the pommel and ferule both having fine scalloped edges where they meet the scabbard shell. The reverse of the upper is Jeweller inscribed, "For good performance Genidmet 1932 by the Association Waldheil Neudamn". These were awarded pieces given out by the local DJ Association for a number of reasons, for good work in the forests, for bravery in the face of poachers, any number of reasons really. The triple etched blade is a nice example measuring just over 15.5 inches. The etches are in wonderful shape. The very tip has a slight "wave". The spine has a laurel leaf type etch running the length. This blade is in good shape. Finally a note from a fellow collector, "I just wanted to point out in relation to your dagger with the Neudamm inscription that in that same town is a hunting publication company and this for more than a 100 years. In the IIIrd Reich era they were the primary hunting publisher. It is likely the dagger and the company are related." Thanks Denis!

Rating:    Exc++
Item Number:    HD-18175

Presented Hunting Association Cutlass by Alcoso Presented Hunting Association Cutlass by Alcoso Presented Hunting Association Cutlass by Alcoso Presented Hunting Association Cutlass by Alcoso Presented Hunting Association Cutlass by Alcoso Presented Hunting Association Cutlass by Alcoso

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