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2nd Model Navy Dagger

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A nice unmarked WKC 2nd Model Navy Dagger! The double fullered plain blade on this one looks great. It hold a nice bright mirror like finish! The tip is perfect and fit is nice and tight. The blade rates a solid Exc++. It shows age spotting throughout. The original brown leather buffer pad is underneath a post-war red felt buffer pad. The scabbard to hilt fit is a bit wider than normal likely why the extra buffer pad was put in. The brass based and gold gilded lightning bolt scabbard looks excellent, especially with the hand enhancing towards the tip! It provides wonderful detail throughout the oak leaf bands and decorative motif. It continues to remain completely dent free. It has two throat screws, I am going to play it safe here and call one a replacement. The crossguard and pommel provide wonderful detail to the anchor and proud eagle perched on top. The release button continues to work well. The orange trylon grip looks great. It has two wee cracks and a small chip below the reverse of the eagle. It has the double twisted wire wrap, that remains nice and tight. This one comes with tight and a correctly tied portepee that is wonderful condition! This is a great piece that deserves a great home!

Rating:    Exc++
Item Number:    NA-18201

2nd Model Navy Dagger 2nd Model Navy Dagger 2nd Model Navy Dagger 2nd Model Navy Dagger 2nd Model Navy Dagger 2nd Model Navy Dagger

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