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2nd Model Luftwaffe by WKC

Please note this item is no longer available and you were redirected to our Archives.

It's the second time we've owned this one and we always love getting our own stuff back! If you ever want to sell anything please let us know! An excellent matching piece by WKC! The blade on this one looks wonderful! The acid etched "WKC" knights head maker mark is dark, crisp and beautifully executed! It provides an ideal contrast to the bright blade. The crossgraining is stunning and runs the full length, all the way from the hilt to the tip! It has a perfect tip and solid fit! Just the way you want to see them! The blade on this one rates NM. It shows the slightest evidence of age grey spotting and surface scathes but that's it. The original leather buffer pad remains intact. The steel based airplane grey scabbard looks great! It depicts beautiful details throughout, with the random pebbling and oak leaves and acorns. It continues to remain completely dent free! The single throat retaining screw remains intact. The burnished aluminum eagle crossguard has nice detail to its head, feathers, wings and top side embossed oak leaves and acorns. The steel ferrule and pommel are both beautifully detailed! There is some of the original gold gilding to the swastikas like 40%+. The plaster based celluloid covered grip looks great. It shows one wee 2mm crack to the top and the odd hit but not chips. The springy aluminum wire wrap remains tightly intact. This one comes with a well-worn portepee as well! A great looking WKC piece! Click here to see the description and photos from 2014

Rating:    NM
Item Number:    LU-18286

2nd Model Luftwaffe by WKC 2nd Model Luftwaffe by WKC 2nd Model Luftwaffe by WKC 2nd Model Luftwaffe by WKC 2nd Model Luftwaffe by WKC 2nd Model Luftwaffe by WKC

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