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German ?Turked' Ersatz Bayonet

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The German Ersatz (substitute) type Bayonets were constructed during the early years of WWI and were designed to fit both the Gewehr 88 (M1888 Commission Rifle) and Gewehr 98 (M98 Mauser Gewehr 98) German rifles. As time went on, many of these Ersatz style bayonets were given to Turkish forces (who shortened them a 10 inch blade) and the Germans received regulation bayonets. There are several variations of the Ersatz style bayonet as they were a ?last-ditch' effort bayonet. The 10 inch, shortened, single fullered blade on this one has been grinded/buffed cleaned and slightly sharpend. It rates Exc/Exc+.The scabbard is steel based and green painted. There is oxidization spotting throughout and one pressure mark to the reverse. The single throat retaining screw remains intact. The crossguard is number marked "662" and both mussel ears attached. The smooth cast grip is constructed out of an iron base and is green painted. The button remains working well. A Turkish-shortened German ersatz bayonet.

Rating:    Exc+
Item Number:    BA-18810

German ?Turked' Ersatz Bayonet German ?Turked' Ersatz Bayonet German ?Turked' Ersatz Bayonet German ?Turked' Ersatz Bayonet German ?Turked' Ersatz Bayonet German ?Turked' Ersatz Bayonet

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