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SS Armband

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Here we have a SS Membership Armband (SchutzStaffel Armbinde/Kampfbinde). The armband is constructed out of a red wool base with stitched on white and black rayon pieces. The rectangular shaped obverse features a black two-piece stitched on ribbed rayon swastika on a white rayon roundel, which is stitched to a red wool backing and has two stitched on black horizontal ribbed rayon borders, (one to the top and bottom). The reverse is red with the same black borders and has a vertical seam that was stitched to size. The interior shows the red wool base along with the seam and stitching that holds the two border strips and roundel in place. It is heavily worn with thinning to the wool and several moth holes throughout. It measures approximately 8 1/2 inches wide by 4 5/8 inches tall. SS armbands are desired and never seem to last!

Rating:    Exc
Item Number:    AB-18903

SS Armband SS Armband SS Armband SS Armband SS Armband SS Armband

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