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SA Dagger by RZM M7/27

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Here we have a Model 1933 SA Dagger (Sturmabteilung Dienstdolch) by RZM M7/27 (Pumawerk (Lauterjung & Sohn), Solingen). The blade on this one looks excellent! The acid etched "Alles fur Deutschland" motto and "RZM M7/27" maker mark are both dark, crisp and beautifully executed! The crossgrain looks great. The tip comes to a perfectly sharp point and the fit remains nice and tight! The blade rates Exc+. It shows very heavy surface scratches along with age grey/spotting throughout. The steel based, brown enamel painted scabbard looks great. It continues to hold 99%+ of its original paint coverage. It only shows age spidering throughout. The steel based, nickel-silver plated scabbard fittings look good. Minor plating wear. The ball remains perfectly round and all four screws remain intact! The scabbard/crossguard fit is perfect and closes with a snap! The crossguards are alloy based and nickel-silver plated. They show plating loss throughout. The brown hardwood grip looks fine. The reverse has a hit/scuff out of it. No cracks or flakes! The eagle shows nice detail! The SA roundel retains 99%+ of its enamel and also has a perfect fit! A fine looking SA dagger!

Rating:    Exc+
Item Number:    SA-18983

SA Dagger by RZM M7/27 SA Dagger by RZM M7/27 SA Dagger by RZM M7/27 SA Dagger by RZM M7/27 SA Dagger by RZM M7/27 SA Dagger by RZM M7/27

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