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Red Cross EM Hewer

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Here's we have a Model 1938 Deutsches Rotes Kreuz (German Red Cross) Hewer! The blade on this one shows wear and looks fine. The crossgrain is easily visible and the sharp teeth to the saw back are in perfect condition! It has a solid fit as well. The blade rates Exc. It shows age stains, pitting, age grey and spotting throughout. The brown leather buffer pad remains intact. The scabbard is steel based and black enamel painted. It shows oxidization spotting and spidering throughout. It continues to retain 70%+ paint coverage and it remains completely dent free! The solid nickel-silver scabbard fittings have patinaed with age. All four screws continue to remain intact. The alloy based nickel-silver plated hilt looks fine. The medallion shows zinc pest. The correct checkered/smooth grip plates are in excellent condition. They are tightly secured by two steel screws. An inexpensive option!

Rating:    Exc
Item Number:    RC-19029

Red Cross EM Hewer Red Cross EM Hewer Red Cross EM Hewer Red Cross EM Hewer Red Cross EM Hewer Red Cross EM Hewer

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