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Hitler Youth Knife by RZM M7/13

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A prominent RZM maker for HJ’s, yet seldom seen with a motted blade! Here we have an Early Model 1933 Hitlerjugend Fahrtenmesser by RZM M7/13, Arthur Schüttelhofer & Co. of Solingen-Wald. The ricassoed blade on this one looks good. The acid etched “Blut und Ehre!” motto and “RZM M7/13” (Arthur Schüttelhofer & Co. of Solingen-Wald) maker mark are all nicely executed! The fit continues to remain nice and tight and the tip comes to a sharp point. The blade rates a solid Exc+/Exc++. It shows surface scratches, the tip shows a wee bend and there is age spotting/grey throughout. The black leather buffer pad is a post-war-replacement. The steel based black enamel painted scabbard looks good. The tips is slightly dulled and 95%+ of its original paint coverage remains intact! It remains completely dent free. The blackened scabbard leather is “LFS” marked. The leather that has the male snap portion ripped in two. This could be repaired with some patience. It has all of its rivets intact and the snap continues to work well. The steel based nickel-silver plated hilt shows wear in the commonly seen areas and retains 80%+ coverage. The black bakelite checkered grip plates are in near perfect condition. Both solid nickel silver rivets tightly secure the grip plates to the hilt. The HJ diamond shows retains 50%+ of its enamel. Always nice to see the LFS on the leather and a motto!

Rating:    Exc+
Item Number:    HJ-19476

Hitler Youth Knife by RZM M7/13 Hitler Youth Knife by RZM M7/13 Hitler Youth Knife by RZM M7/13 Hitler Youth Knife by RZM M7/13 Hitler Youth Knife by RZM M7/13 Hitler Youth Knife by RZM M7/13

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