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Bronze SA Sports Badge

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Here we have a Sturmabteilung (SA) Sportabzeichen in Bronze by Fechler of Bernbach/SA.! The Bronze SA Sports Badge was award to military and paramilitary personnel, under the age of 35, who passed the required criteria in physical fitness, military defense and field exercises, within a 12 month period. It is constructed out of a die stamped steel base that has been bronze washed. The obverse depicts an upright vertical broad sword, in front of a mobile swastika, which is surrounded by an eight piece laurel leaf wreath that is tied together at both sides. The semi-hollow back reverse shows the stamped outline along with the third pattern inscription, (1939-44): "Eigentum D. Obersten S.A.-Führung" (Property of the SA Supreme Command), and maker mark. It has the correct pin, hinge and catch assembly. All are in well working condition with honest wear. It measures 1 13/16 inches wide by 2 5/16 inches tall. The whole badge retains beautiful detail and bronze wash! One that will surely make for a great display!

Rating:    Exc+
Item Number:    M-19515

Bronze SA Sports Badge Bronze SA Sports Badge Bronze SA Sports Badge Bronze SA Sports Badge Bronze SA Sports Badge Bronze SA Sports Badge

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