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Police NCO Degan by Clemen & Jung

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A great looking sword purchased from the Vet's family this am! The 33 ¼ inch blade on this one looks great! It has a nice matte finish, with a solid fit and perfect tip! The stamped maker mark with C&J logo in a shield is just slightly stamped crooked, nothing to worry about as I've seen this many times with C&J. The blade rates Exc++. The only thing holding it back is a bit of stain to the riccasso. The think black leather buffer pad remains intact. The steel based, black enamel painted scabbard looks good with some oxidizing, wear and spotting throughout, yet it remains completely dent-free and continues to hold 85%+ paint coverage! The upper scabbard fitting is steel based and nickel-silver plated. It shows nice details with a decorative interweaving design and textured backgrounds. It remains tightly secured with two screws. The steel based nickel-silver plated hilt and d-guard also remain in great condition. I have not cleaned this, it is covered with patina and would look much better with some love. I leave this stuff as is. I would rate the hilt plating at 98%. The chip and crack-free hardwood black grip looks great. The aluminum police eagle is tightly secured and beautifully detailed! The black burnishing really makes the details pop! The cast ferrule wonderfully displays detailed oak leaves and acorns. A solid piece your will be happy with!

Rating:    Exc+/Exc++
Item Number:    SW-19621

Police NCO Degan by Clemen & Jung Police NCO Degan by Clemen & Jung Police NCO Degan by Clemen & Jung Police NCO Degan by Clemen & Jung Police NCO Degan by Clemen & Jung Police NCO Degan by Clemen & Jung

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