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NPEA Leader Dagger By Eickhorn

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NPEA Leader daggers are very rare, finding one by Eickhorn, is well rare to the extreme! The blade on this one is a beauty! Rating an easy Exc++. It has the commonly seen runner marks and a bit of age. The tip is perfect, the fit is perfect, the crossgrain is stunning and it has a dark beautifully executed over-the-shoulder Eickhorn maker mark and "Mehr sein als scheinen" (Be modest but always excel) motto! For those of you who have become paranoid with all the excellent fakes out there look closely at the motto, and compare it to the one used by Burgsmuller. See the variation "s" in "scheien"? Neat and exactly as it should be. Review this scabbard against the Burgsmuller scabbard. See the susension rings as opposed to the ramps Burgsmuller used, see the thinner type middle fitting? All as they should be of Eickhorn issued daggers. The chained green painted scabbard looks great! Minor spidering, yet it remains dent-free with 98% paint coverage! The plated scabbard fittings remain nice and bright! It has minor lifting but honestly not much. All of the screws remain intact and the ball remains perfectly round! The aluminum chain has 5 ringlets to the top and 7 to the bottom, terminating at a well-working OLC marked clip. The scabbard chain set up is text book and can be seen on pg 12 of Ron’s excellent reference. The plated crossguards look great with period wear. The scabbard / grip fits are perfect. The brown hardwood grip is in beautiful condition! No cracks, chips, scrapes or dents! The oxidation-free aluminum eagle is beautifully detailed and also has a perfect fit! This may be your only opportunity to buy an Eickhorn Leader in years.

Rating:    Exc++
Item Number:    NPEA-19793

NPEA Leader Dagger By Eickhorn NPEA Leader Dagger By Eickhorn NPEA Leader Dagger By Eickhorn NPEA Leader Dagger By Eickhorn NPEA Leader Dagger By Eickhorn NPEA Leader Dagger By Eickhorn

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