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Municipal Police Bayonet by Alcoso

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Well here a decent display piece by Alcoso! The plated bade on this one has been factory shortened. It retains a nice bright finish, has a perfect fit and ends at a sharp tip! The stamped "ASC", spine proof stamp and "Alexander Coppel ACS Solingen" maker mark are all beautifully executed! The blade rates Exc+/Exc++. It has just minor age. The black (municipal) leather scabbard body looks good. It has pressure marks and age crazing throughout yet retains all of its stitching. The four vertical lines running through it giving it that finishing touch of German detail! The early brass based nickel plated scalloped scabbard fittings look great as well! They have some scratches, wear and pressure marks throughout, yet 95% of the plating remains intact and they are both tightly secured with one staple each. Ok The scabbard is unit marked NOT matching the hilt so I must say that the scabbard has been added to the hilt at some point. When, where and by who I have no idea but I have factored this into the price. The scabbard snugly fits the hilt. The Aluminum based hilt looks good! It depicts wonderful detail throughout, with the oak leaves and acorns and highly detailed pommel eagle! The slotted hilt is missing the release lug and button. Someone has glued in a faux release stud in aluminum. Looks great but it's not factory done. The reverse you can see the orifice where the release mechanism is missing. The reverse of the crossguard is unmarked. The multi-toned stag grip plates are tightly secured with two aluminum rivets. The centrally placed burnished aluminum police eagle is properly pined and still shows nice detail! A great price for a good display example of a municipal police bayonet.

Rating:    Exc/Exc+
Item Number:    POL-19972

Municipal Police Bayonet by Alcoso Municipal Police Bayonet by Alcoso Municipal Police Bayonet by Alcoso Municipal Police Bayonet by Alcoso Municipal Police Bayonet by Alcoso Municipal Police Bayonet by Alcoso

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