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Rare - Early SA by Otto Linder

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Rating a 10 out of 10 on the McSarr rarity scale and in minty condition, it just don’t get any better than this! here’s a nice untouched piece. Blade is about as good as it gets. No stain, no age, no fingerprints- no nothing! Motto is crisp and perfectly executed! All crossgrain remains. The blade rates a Mint-!! Undented scabbard is in good shape with near perfect anodizing and 85% of factory lacquer along with a wear area where this would have rubbed in the period! There is some bruising to the ball. The fittings show period wear and matching patina. The fittings are all nickel silver. All screws are intact! Hardwood handle displays good grain and is free of chips and cracks, whoops sorry there is a 1mm hairline north of the roundel, for you guys in USA 1mm is about as big as a dime is tall! Eagle is perfectly fit with patina to the recesses. Roundel retains 100% of enamel. The handle shoulders and radii nicely fit the solid nickel guards. The crossguard is stamped "P" which is quite correct for you guys who like to check me against the books. Blade is nicely set into the crossguard. All the patina matches everywhere. All the fits are there and exactly like I try to buy 'em.

Rating:    NM
Item Number:    SA-20045

Rare - Early SA by Otto Linder Rare - Early SA by Otto Linder Rare - Early SA by Otto Linder Rare - Early SA by Otto Linder Rare - Early SA by Otto Linder Rare - Early SA by Otto Linder

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