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Early SA Dagger by Helbig

Ok so these guys made very few SA’s, they rate a 10 out of 10 on the McSarr. Don’t know why but these Steinbach makers were renown for their quality… and I don’t mean good quality!! Rather poor quality! These early pieces were not too bad but later on their quality went way down. Regardless Helbig marched to their own drummer. This blade is ok with a stunningly dark etch. Look at the maker mark choosing to place it 90 degrees different than was std. Unfortunately there is age the worse being towards the tip. The edges are a bit rough but there’s no sharpening. The blade rates an Exc+. Undented scabbard is a period repaint. The ball is undented but hit a bit to one side. The fittings show period wear and matching patina. The fittings are all nickel silver. All screws are intact! Hardwood handle displays good grain and is free of chips. Eagle is perfectly fit with patina to the recesses. Roundel retains 100% of enamel. The handle shoulders and radii nicely fit the solid nickel guards. The crossguard is stamped "Mi" located herewhich is quite correct. Blade is nicely set into the crossguard. All the patina matches everywhere. All the fits are there and exactly like I try to buy 'em.

Rating:    NM
Item Number:    SA-20048
Price:    $999.95 USD

Early SA Dagger by Helbig Early SA Dagger by Helbig Early SA Dagger by Helbig Early SA Dagger by Helbig Early SA Dagger by Helbig Early SA Dagger by Helbig

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