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Police NCO Degan by WKC

The best one I've had in years! The 34" blade on this one looks good. It has a nice matte finish, with a solid fit and perfect tip! The stamped "WKC Runes" is beautifully executed! How do I know this is a WKC? They were the only ones to EVER mark their blades with these runes. The blade rates Exc++. It shows surface scratches and minor age. The buffer pad is intact. The steel based, black enamel painted scabbard looks great! It has minor spidering and wear with the paint 99% intact and no dents. The steel based nickel plated fitting looks good. 99% of its plating remains intact with nice burnish remaining and beauty details. The original screws are intact and unmessed with. The steel based nickel plated hilt and d-guard also remain in great condition. The hardwood black grip looks great with honest normal wee hits and marks from period wear. There are no chips or cracks. The tightly secured police eagle is beautifully detailed with an excellent fit! The cast ferrule remains looking good with a nicely detailed oak leaves and acorn pattern again with burnished backgrounds. The pommel nut is quite correct. For those of you who go lookin' for the SS proof marks on the scabbard and hilt you need not, WKC never proofed their swords, (check Witty's reference, you'll see I'm right on this). My theory is that they used those giant runes on the blade instead. Included is a minty SS portepee. Overall is a fine looking example at a great price!

Rating:    Exc++/NM
Item Number:    SW-20252
Price:    $1,595.00 USD

Police NCO Degan by WKC Police NCO Degan by WKC Police NCO Degan by WKC Police NCO Degan by WKC Police NCO Degan by WKC Police NCO Degan by WKC

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